Empire Theatre Redevelopment

Thanks to everyone that took the time to vote in last week’s poll on Re-imagining Kingston’s skyline! Of the 445 votes cast so far, 40% of respondents said: I’m comfortable with 18 storey buildings, but only if they are in the right location and only if they are visually attractive and innovative in their design.

So the answer to the question – How High is Too High? – for most people seems to be: it depends. This week I would like to get your feedback on a more specific development. At the Downtown Kingston Business Association (BIA!) Spring General Meeting, some preliminary designs were presented for a new 18 storey condo tower on the site of the old Empire Theatre building.

First here is the view from Princess Street (note that the tower is set back more than 100 feet from Princess Street itself in order to preserve the existing building facade and streetscape).

J:38064_223Princess5.9 Drawings59graphicscurrent38064-A-Cen J:38064_223Princess5.9 Drawings59graphicscurrent38064-A-Cen

Now here is the view from Queen Street where the tower would be located, right next to the Corus studios.

J:38064_223Princess5.9 Drawings59graphicscurrent38064-A-Cen J:38064_223Princess5.9 Drawings59graphicscurrent38064-A-Cen

So, what do you think?



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