Council Priorities 2019 – 2022

With the help of our community, council and City staff will focus on creating a smart, livable and leading city. The list below identifies five priorities and outlines some of the initiatives council will be focused on throughout their term.

Demonstrate Leadership on Climate Action

  • Reduce City’s GHG 15%
  • Enhance green spaces
  • Electrify City’s fleet
  • Reduce business/building waste
  • Reduce residential energy-use

Increase Housing Affordability

  • Pursue all types of housing
  • Build a range of housing
  • Accelerate construction
  • Promote secondary suites and tiny homes
  • Advocate for increased investments

Improve Walkability, Roads and Transportation

  • Repair roads + enhance sidewalks/paths
  • Public safety + active transportation
  • Explore transit-way + active connections
  • Install crosswalks
  • Pilot rural transportation model

Strengthen Economic Development Opportunities

  • Support businesses
  • Foster arts, culture and social enterprises
  • Create innovation hubs
  • Enable downtown SLC campus
  • Facilitate a cruise ship dock
  • Explore a rural business park
  • Workforce/in-migration strategies

Foster Healthy Citizens and Vibrant Spaces

  • Waterfront access and beautification
  • Develop an arts walk
  • Redevelop Montreal Street brownfields
  • Support an Indigenous cultural space
  • Explore fluoridating drinking water
  • Promote food security solutions

Visit the website 

For more information please visit the website dedicated to Kingston City Council’s 2019-2022 priorities: