A Proposal to Redevelop the Davis Tannery

A Proposal to Redevelop the Davis Tannery

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To see more of the proposed development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vww7NJWgHnc

When it comes to reimagining what the Inner Harbour and Old Industrial areas of the city could look like, one of the most important parcels of land to talk about is the Davis Tannery site. This large waterfront property has sat dormant for decades ever since the tannery was demolished. It is perhaps Kingston’s most known brownfield site, contaminated by many years of industrial production.

There is finally a plan on the table to clean and redevelop the site. A proposal has come forward from Patry Inc. Developments to remediate the site and build 1500 residential units on the property. I won’t discuss the details of the proposal at this point because a project of this scale involves a lot of discussion between city staff, community members and the developer to come up with the best possible plan. However, I think if we can get these details right, there is a tremendous opportunity for waterfront green space and significant residential development within walking distance of downtown.

Of course, whenever we talk about redeveloping sites like the Davis Tannery, the elephant in the room is the proposed Wellington Street extension. My view has always been that we need a road network in the Inner Harbour area that will allow for the redevelopment of sites like the Davis Tannery. However, I also understand the importance of preserving existing waterfront green space in Doug Fluhrer Park. Right now city staff are exploring alternative options to the Wellington Street extension, and my hope is that we can find a road network solution that preserves existing green space, but also facilitates a redevelopment of the Davis Tannery that will provide even more waterfront green space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

For Kingstonians interested in learning more about the redevelopment proposal for the Davis Tannery, there will be a presentation and an opportunity for public comment at Planning Committee next Thursday, March 8 at 6:30pm in Council Chambers in City Hall. There are a lot of important community discussions ahead, but there’s no question that it makes environmental and economic sense to clean up and redevelop the Davis Tannery.