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Attracting Talent to Kingston

Local employers face challenges finding the right people to help their organizations grow and thrive. We have many incredible businesses and agencies but in order for them to excel in the face of global competition, it’s critical that they find the right people with the right skills. That’s why I am thrilled that a number…
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Attracting Film Productions to Kingston

An exciting economic and cultural development initiative is underway in Kingston. The goal is to attract film productions to our community, which in turn will help build a thriving local industry of artists and film makers! Major film producers like Netflix, Warner Bros. and Fox Searchlight have all expressed interest in filming in Kingston, thanks…
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Horseshoe Highlights – At Council with Mayor Paterson – June 5th, 2019

  Additional Links: Agenda  First Capital Place Filming Opportunities Climate Change Motion (pg. 10)    

Provincial Funding Changes and the Road Ahead

I was pleased to hear the Premier’s announcement that provincial funding reductions for municipalities would be reversed for this year. My colleagues from cities across the province were united in our view that cuts to our current budgets would hurt frontline services that our residents depend on. I appreciate that the provincial government listened to…
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The Road Formerly Known as the Wellington Street Extension

During last fall’s election, I made it clear that I had changed my mind on one of the more controversial issues in Kingston: the proposed Wellington Street extension. When I first ran for Mayor back in 2014, I saw the Wellington Street extension as a tool to revitalize and redevelop the City’s Inner Harbour, including…
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Horseshoe Highlights – At Council with Mayor Paterson – May 22nd, 2019

Additional Links: Agenda North King’s Town Strategic Corridor Analysis for the Wellington Street Extension Hospice Kingston Fundraising Campaign  Addiction & Mental Health Services Motion (pg. 14)

From the Mayor’s Chair – May 9, 2019

Miss Council last night Kingston? Check out the latest version of From the Mayor’s Chair where I break down the decisions of Council in 2 minutes! Additional links:  Council Agenda Electric Bus Purchase (Pg. 9) Public Health Motion (Pg. 21)  

Reducing the Annual Property Tax Rate Increase

This week City Council completed its strategic planning work with a very important decision: we are going to begin reducing the annual property tax rate increase below its current level. For the last number of years, we have worked to advance new projects, maintain existing city services and hold the line on property tax increases…
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Council’s 5 Strategic Priorities for 2019-2022

This week I presented on City Council’s new priorities for the first time. I spoke to a group of Kingston community leaders to get their feedback and to begin talking about how we can make this exciting vision a reality for our city. Now I’d like to share some of this same presentation with you! The…
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The City of Kingston Strategic Plan: 2019-2022

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 1. Increase housing affordability 2. Improve walkability, roads and transportation 3. Demonstrate leadership on climate action 4. Strengthen economic development opportunities 5. Foster healthy citizens and vibrant spaces 1. Increase Housing Affordability In response to the low vacancy rate, the City of Kingston will aim to increase the rate to 3% by 2022.…
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