A Sneak Peek at Council’s Emerging Priorities

A Sneak Peek at Council’s Emerging Priorities

Council has been gathering several nights this week to develop Kingston’s strategic priorities for the next four years. It’s a very different experience from our usual council meetings; we break into smaller groups, write ideas down on post-it notes, engage into brainstorming exercises, and then try to pull everything together into a few overarching themes. There’s still a lot of work left to refine our plan, but I want to share a preview of Council’s emerging priorities. I’ve also included a few projects under each priority that we’ve discussed for this term. It’s going to be a busy four years but we are all very excited to get to work to make Kingston the best it can be!

Housing Affordability:

  • Explore tools and incentives to accelerate the construction of new housing
  • Expand the variety of housing types and options
  • Consider creative affordable housing options like tiny homes

Climate Action:

  • Begin acquiring electric buses and find other ways to electrify city fleet
  • Expand green spaces, wetland protections and urban tree cover
  • Encourage more recycling options, particularly for apartment buildings

Expand Economic and Social Opportunities:

  • Develop innovation hubs geared to particular industries where Kingston has a competitive advantage (health care, chemical processing, biotech, etc.)
  • Facilitate a downtown campus for St. Lawrence College’s tourism and hospitality program
  • Explore the creation of rural business parks north of Highway 401

Create a Healthy and Vibrant Community:

  • Develop a new deep water dock for cruise ships and other improvements to the waterfront
  • Facilitate the creation of an Indigenous cultural space
  • Revitalize brownfield properties along the Montreal Street corridor
  • Look into fluoridation of the municipal water supply as a way to improve dental health

Improve Transportation Network:

  • Repair and improve roads and sidewalks across the City of Kingston
  • Implement Vision Zero road safety plan
  • Invest in active transportation options, for cyclists, pedestrians and transit