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Your Feedback: Potential New Downtown Condo Development

One of the most important debates we are going to have as a community this year will centre on condominium development proposals and what these will mean for the future of our downtown skyline. To help get this community conversation going, I’d like your opinion on a proposal by Homestead Land Holdings that is expected…
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Re-imagining Kingston’s Downtown Skyline

I am very pleased to hear the old Empire Theatre property on Princess Street has been sold and that plans are in the works to build a brand new residential development on the site. In my view developments of this kind are critical to the future health and vitality of our downtown. If we have more…
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Choosing Our Tax Rate

On Monday April 20, City Council will decide the future tax rate increases to our budgets for 2016 through 2018. The tax rate we choose will determine the extent and pace for introducing new city programs and services, and will guide potential changes in our current operations. Right now the city invests an annual 1% tax increase for…
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The Future of the Outer Train Station

At the March 24th council meeting, the city will be presented with a proposal to revitalize and relocate the outer train station from its current location Montreal Street to the southern edge of Doug Fluhrer Park. [polldaddy poll=8740419]