Kingston on the Global Radar for Startup Companies

The Startup Ecosystem Rankings for 2019 recently came out with a list of top cities in the world for startup companies. While big cities like San Francisco, New York and London top the list, there was a lot of discussion in the report about the emergence of innovation ecosystems in smaller cities like Kingston.

So what is it about Kingston that has put us on the global radar for innovation? Our community has a broad range of characteristics that make us an ideal center for new technologies and startup companies; our proximity to multiple large cities, our human capital, our three post-secondary institutions, and the incredible quality of life we offer. The report noted that “Kingston Canada comes to mind when thinking of a relatively small city that is independent and actively develops its ecosystem, building numerous programs to make sure local entrepreneurs are supported and empowered.” We’ve also received international attention for other successes that contribute to our startup ecosystem. We were ranked by PCMag as the fastest wireless city in North America and the UK based Financial Times fDi Managzine ranked Kingston as the small city with the best foreign direct investment strategy in North America as well as a top ten city for human capital and lifestyle.

This kind of international recognition shows that our city can compete on a global scale. That’s why City Council and I have committed to cultivating innovation in key sectors of our local economy where we know Kingston can be a leader. The world is starting to notice the advantages that small and medium size cities have in the midst of a global economy, so let’s work together to ensure Kingston continues to have a global impact!

To access the report click here.