Making Active Transportation More Convenient

An important part of smart growth in Kingston includes making it easier, safer and more convenient for residents to walk, cycle or take transit. Active transportation options are cheaper than car travel, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and they promote healthier lifestyles. The first step in promoting active transportation is to design the city so that active transportation is convenient and attractive. Convenient transportation options mean people will choose walking, cycling or transit over their car not because they have to, but because they want to.

To that end, City Council approved a plan that will make it easier for suburban residents to get to a bus stop, cross busy streets, or follow multi-use pathways that provide shortcuts for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here’s a flavour of the type of improvements to watch for:

– A multi-use trail extending from downtown up to the Third Crossing
– New sidewalks on Westbrook Road and on King Street from Kingston Pen down to Breakwater Park
– Pathways to connect both ends of Leroy Grant Drive and to connect Queen Mary Road with Parkway
– A study for a potential pedestrian/cycling bridge across John Counter Blvd and the rail line near Division Street
– A number of new pedestrian crossings to create walkable routes to and from neighbourhood schools

Among the many benefits of improving active transportation options, there’s also the added perk of easing traffic congestion on our road network. That way, when you do need to use a vehicle, it’s easier and faster to get around. I’m glad that council approved a plan that considers our goals now and well into the future as we work towards a robust active transportation network that serves all our residents!