2015 – 2018 Council Priorities

Council Priorities - 2015-2018Council has set the vision of A Smart and Liveable 21st Century City as the guiding theme for these priorities moving forward. The list below identifies the six priorities and outlines some of the initiatives council will be focused on throughout their term.

1. Create a Smart Economy 

  1. Promote Kingston as a leader in innovation and incubation.
  2. Foster an open-for-business culture.
  3. Encourage artistic and cultural business opportunities.
  4. Prepare and implement a city-wide tourism strategy.
  5. Develop a youth employment strategy.
  6. Increase assessment growth to limit tax rate increases.
  7. Facilitate the creation of a post-secondary downtown campus.
  8. Progressively sponsor city-wide broadband Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  9. Promote fibre access to strengthen Kingston’s competitive advantage.
  10. Develop an immigration strategy.
  11. Pursue political strategies for a high-speed rail stop in Kingston.

2. Invest in Infrastructure 

  1. Make the Third Crossing shovel ready to commence construction.
  2. Expand the airport.
  3. Create affordable, sustainable and mixed housing.
  4. Advance an integrated multi-modal and active transportation system.
  5. Maintain and improve roadways and sidewalks.
  6. Complete John Counter Boulevard.
  7. Continue to support the current infrastructure plan (4-year approved budget and 1% annual dedicated tax increase) and recommend continued support to future councils.
  8. Explore potential alternative transportation solutions in place of the Wellington Street extension

3. Plan a Liveable City 

  1. Revitalize Brownfields properties.
  2. Expand and improve public transit.
  3. Protect heritage.
  4. Respond proactively to homelessness and food security needs in the city.
  5. Foster intensification in the city core.
  6. Revitalize north-end including mixed residential and commercial investment along Montreal Street.
  7. Facilitate implementation of the cultural plan through artist engagement.
  8. Pursue the implementation of the Sustainable Kingston Plan and introduce sustainability practices in the delivery of services.
  9. Inform future community planning, initiatives and services by considering cultural, social and neighbourhood demographics.

4. Green the City 

  1. Expand the trail system.
    1. Complete the K & P Trail by 150th Anniversary (2017).
    2. Improve, create and connect trails, pathways and green spaces.
  2. Intensify urban forest.
    1. Double the tree canopy by 2025.
  3. Strengthen property standards and parking enforcement methods to beautify neighbourhoods.
  4. Enhance waste management and recycling opportunities to promote a litter-free city.
  5. Develop policies to prevent urban sprawl and protect agricultural lands.

5. Advance a Vibrant Waterfront 

  1. Revitalize the inner harbour and rejuvenate waterfront Brownfields.
  2. Facilitate the redevelopment of the Kingston Penitentiary property.
  3. Develop a visionary waterfront master plan.
  4. Explore the potential for waterfront tourism opportunities including the feasibility of creating a dock for cruise ships.

6. Foster Open Government 

  1. Enhance transparency and encourage citizen engagement by
    1. Committing to processes that enable open government.
    2. Developing systems to support open data.
    3. Strengthening the City’s presenting, recording and reporting processes at public meetings.
    4. Enhancing technology supports for committee meetings.
    5. Improving public feed-in and feedback systems and processes.
    6. Introducing participatory opportunities in civic affairs.
  2. Build on a culture of excellence in customer service.

Visit the website 

For more information please visit the website dedicated to Kingston City Council’s 2015-2018 priorities www.cityofkingston.ca/apps/councilpriorities/

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