Tag: Smart City Vision

New Transit Express Routes: Better Options for Getting Around Kingston

I’m very pleased to announce that this coming Monday, we will be launching two new express bus routes in the city. Our first express bus route has been an enormous success, and now we are building on that success with route 601/602 that provides a quick trip from the east end to the downtown, and…
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Target tax rate: 2.5%

This week at our final strategic planning session, council was asked to set a target tax rate increase for the city’s next four annual budgets. After several hours of debate and discussion, council voted to set this tax rate target at 2.5%. I have consistently stated that as a city, we must live within our…
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My First 100 Days

It’s been a busy and rewarding first 100 days as your mayor. Over the last three months, I have met with more than 125 community residents and groups, led consultation on a youth employment strategy and worked with council to pass the city’s 2015 budget with a tax rate increase in line with inflation. Thank you Kingston! Bryan  


Hello Kingston and welcome to my new website! I’ve crafted this space to update you on city business and to share my thoughts on key issues and how I see things from the Mayor’s chair. I’m launching this website on March 12, my 100th day in office. This milestone gives me an opportunity to touch…
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