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Announcing City Council’s 2015-2018 Strategic Priorities

After two nights of planning and discussion, city council has established six priorities to guide us over the next four years. Council has adopted the vision of A Smart and Liveable 21st Century City as the guiding theme for these priorities moving forward. I am also happy to say council has prioritized the expansion of the airport and getting the…
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7 Reasons to Invest in the Airport

City Council’s strategic planning sessions begin this coming Monday night, and going into these meetings, the airport expansion will be my top investment priority. Here are seven reasons why we should invest in this important community asset: An expanded airport will make it more convenient and cheaper for residents to fly out of Kingston rather than driving…
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The Future of the Outer Train Station

At the March 24th council meeting, the city will be presented with a proposal to revitalize and relocate the outer train station from its current location Montreal Street to the southern edge of Doug Fluhrer Park. [polldaddy poll=8740419]

How We Can Build the Third Crossing While Living Within Our Means

The Third Crossing is a vital project for our entire community. Together with the widening of John Counter Boulevard, this bridge will facilitate an east-west traffic corridor connecting the city and making it easier for residents to get to work, school, shopping and community events. The Third Crossing will be a catalyst for redevelopment in…
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My First 100 Days

It’s been a busy and rewarding first 100 days as your mayor. Over the last three months, I have met with more than 125 community residents and groups, led consultation on a youth employment strategy and worked with council to pass the city’s 2015 budget with a tax rate increase in line with inflation. Thank you Kingston! Bryan  


Hello Kingston and welcome to my new website! I’ve crafted this space to update you on city business and to share my thoughts on key issues and how I see things from the Mayor’s chair. I’m launching this website on March 12, my 100th day in office. This milestone gives me an opportunity to touch…
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