Building a Goat Farming Industry in Kingston and Eastern Ontario

Several months ago China-based Feihe International announced their plans to invest $225 million to build a large infant formula manufacturing facility here in Kingston. This production facility will create hundreds of jobs and generate enormous economic spinoffs in Kingston, with opportunities for local companies to connect into Feihe’s supply chain.

One of the most interesting and exciting opportunities to come from Feihe’s operation will be the expansion of goat farming in our region. Feihe will be North America’s first and only producer of goat milk-based infant formula, and so they will need a substantial base of goat farms to supply their Kingston facility. The hope is to be able to produce as much goat milk as possible in the local area.

To help kick start the expansion of the local goat industry, the Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the County of Frontenac are holding public information sessions on goat farming on March 23. For those who can’t make it to this week’s information sessions, but are interested in learning more, you can get information and the materials from the websites of both organizers – Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the County of Frontenac

In addition to Feihe’s operation provincial trends are showing an increase in demand for goat products, making this an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in getting into goat farming. Kingston, the County of Frontenac and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) are partnering together to build this region of the province into a world leader in goat farming. With sustained effort, coordination and planning in the coming years, we can realize the vision to make Kingston and Eastern Ontario a recognized centre of excellence for goat milk production and all things related to goats!

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