From the Mayor’s Chair – July 12

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Highlights from the July 12 Council meeting include discussions on three hot topics; expanding the affordable housing supply with two projects discussed, 7 Wright Crescent and 1316-1318 Princess Street. As well as an agreement for dental services with Kingston Community Health Centre and a plan to celebrate The Tragically Hip with a concert live streaming event on August 20.  

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From the Mayor's Chair -

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  1. Hannah Kaufman says:

    I applaud efforts to improve dental care, however there seems to be a discrepency between the stated goal innthe Executive Summary – “proposing to enter into a partnership to increase available health benefits to Ontario Works recipients as well as dental services to low income individuals and families living within the City of Kingston ” – and the recommendations. I don’t see a reference in the recommendations regarding low income residents who aren’t on Ontario Works, for example newcomers to Canada. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you

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