Green Chemistry – GreenCentre Canada – Tour Stop #7

Green Chemistry – GreenCentre Canada – Tour Stop #7


GreenCentre Canada (GCC), located at Queen’s Innovation Park, is a facility for chemistry discoveries in Canada. Technologies sent to the centre are assessed for commercial potential and their estimated environmental impact compared to current technologies. Promising technologies are then developed and taken to market.

The Innovation

GreenCentre Canada addresses a unique challenge facing researchers. When we toured the lab we learned that exciting chemistry technologies are being developed across Canada. However, while they often get published they remain in the academic domain and are not developed or brought to market. GCC brings together professionals from different spheres to address this issue. Researchers, industry partners and business professionals come together to assess proposals and then commercialize green chemistry technologies.

GreenCentre has founded a number of spin-off companies such as Forward Water Technologies. In parts of the world where fresh water is scarce, removing salts and minerals from seawater is often the only option available. A costly and energy intensive process, Forward Water Technologies developed a state-of-the-art water purification technology to revolutionize water treatment. Here is an example of a green chemistry technology invented at Queen’s University and then developed and commercialized through GCC.                                             

The Future

Lots of the products we use, things that are a part of our daily lives and contribute to our quality of life, can also cause challenges such as damage to the environment, depletion of natural resources, and human health concerns. The goal of green chemistry is to be safer, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable. As humans we need to be responsible stewards of the earth for future generations. That’s why I am so proud to see a smart, 21st century company operating out of a smart, 21st century city.

The Tour

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