Kingston Moves Ahead with Red-Light Cameras

On Tuesday, City Council voted to proceed with a plan to install red-light cameras at 10 high-risk intersections in the community in early 2022. They will operate using the same system as the other municipalities in Ontario that have adopted red light cameras. The technology behind the cameras ensures that only vehicles speeding through an intersection after the light has turned red will be ticketed. The $325 fine issued by the camera is the same set fine you’d receive from a police officer for running a red light.


After several years of debate and discussion around the Council horseshoe and across the community, it’s become clear to me and a majority of other councilors that red-light cameras are an effective tool to reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities that are caused by motorists speeding through red lights. The cost of operating the cameras is generally covered by the fines issued by the cameras and most importantly, every municipality that has adopted red light cameras (including Ottawa, Toronto, London, York, Peel and Halton region) has seen a significant decrease in the number of T-bone collisions at intersections. Kingston Police have been clear that T-bone collisions are very serious and likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities.


You can read more about red light cameras here: As Mayor, I believe that using technology to make our streets safer for both motorists and pedestrians is the right thing to do, and a step in the right direction for a smart city.