Red Light Cameras Coming to Kingston

Red light camera - York Region

red light camera signage in York Region

At our April 5 council meeting, City Council will be asked to provide final approval for the introduction of red light cameras in Kingston. If approved they will installed and operational by early 2017. I am supportive of red light cameras as a measure to improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in our community.

Red light cameras are already in place in a number of cities across the province including Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton and they have proven to be reliable, consistent – and most importantly, to reduce collisions at high traffic intersections.

The cameras will be located at 10 of the busiest intersections in the city:

  1. Queen Street & Montreal Street
  2. Division Street & John Counter Boulevard
  3. Perth Road & Unity Road
  4. Taylor Kidd Boulevard & Bayridge Drive
  5. Bath Road & Portsmouth Avenue
  6. Gardiners Road & Princess Street
  7. Princess Street & Sir John A. Boulevard
  8. Princess Street & Taylor Kidd / John Counter Boulevard
  9. Gardiners Road & Taylor Kidd Boulevard
  10. John Counter Boulevard & Sir John A. Boulevard

The proposed red light camera program is designed to be revenue neutral – the expected number of tickets issued is meant to cover the cost of the cameras. My hope is these cameras will encourage all of us to drive with extra care, the fewer tickets the better in my books!

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