Tourism Partners Declare Support for Third Crossing

Tourism Partners Declare Support for Third Crossing

Last month Council received a letter from Kingston Accommodation Partners (commonly known as KAP), expressing their support for the proposed Third Crossing bridge project. KAP is a respected tourism organization that oversees much of the tourism activity in Kingston, and has championed the move toward the new ‘fresh made daily’ tourism marketing brand for the city.

KAP’s letter of support lays out an interesting argument in favour of the Third Crossing. They suggest that by diverting commuter traffic away from the LaSalle Causeway, we can make it easier for tourists to get to and from downtown and the waterfront, where most tourist attractions are located. After this summer’s incredible tourist season, KAP is asking us to consider how a new bridge could make more room for visitors to Kingston’s tourism hotspots.

As I’ve stressed before, the Third Crossing is a huge project and before we make any final decisions on this bridge we all need to understand both the potential benefits and costs. Understanding the potential impacts and opportunities from the perspective of our tourism sector is valuable as we continue this community conversation. Here’s the KAP support letter in full: 



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