A New Vision for the Old Nortel Property

This week City Council formally approved official plan and zoning changes to allow for a complete redevelopment of the old Nortel industrial land next to the Rio Can Centre on Gardiners Road. This 100 acre property has been dormant for many years, but finally there is a plan to transform the entire site into a mix of residential and commercial development.

On the residential side, the new development will include single family homes, townhouses, three high rise apartment buildings, and include a number of apartment units geared to seniors. On the commercial side, there are plans for a new grocery store, convenience store, restaurant and other retail stores. As part of the overall redevelopment of the site there will also be two public parks and potential space to allow for a new school.

This redevelopment within our urban core fits with the vision to make Kingston a smart and livable 21st century city by including a variety of housing options, commercial conveniences, green space and active transportation. The future residents in this area will be able to walk to the Rio Can Centre for shopping, they will have easy access to Kingston Transit express bus routes, and the city will see a sizeable increase in tax revenue as the land is converted from a vacant industrial lot to a thriving neighborhood in the centre of our city.

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  1. stephanie@limestonefinancial.ca says:

    Wow! Awesome!

    Stephanie Lafond-Milligan BA, CLU, CFP


  2. Marcia Thibodeau says:

    How will this affect traffic congestion?

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