A Smart and Livable Solution for Downtown Parking

Strengthening the vitality of the downtown is one of my top priorities as mayor.   I have heard from Kingstonians, and I agree, that one of the keys to the continued vitality of the downtown is more residential development. That’s of course because more downtown apartments or condos means more people living right downtown creating a solid customer base for downtown businesses

One of the big challenges with building more residential downtown is we can end up losing space for parking, which is another ‘must have’ for getting customers to downtown shops. So this week, City Council approved an innovative way to get more residential development while at the same time preserving parking spaces. The city is  partnering with a local developer to include a public parking garage, owned and operated by the city, inside a new residential condo development.

Now, the really innovative part of this idea is what the parking garage will look like from the outside. Instead of a multi-story concrete block (you know the kind because we have a few in our downtown), we will be looking at the construction of a fully enclosed and windowed parking structure, aesthetically sympathetic to surrounding buildings such as the Smith Robinson and British Whig buildings pictured below.

British Whig building

British Whig building

Smith & Robinson Building - 1

Smith Robinson building

It’s important to note that this new public parking garage will only go ahead if and when City Council approves the rest of the residential condo development on the property. I think we are definitely on the right track when we can combine parking, residential development, walkability and an attractive streetscape in the downtown – that’s the way to plan a livable city!

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  1. wthwing says:

    The City of Kingston REALLY needs to update its parking meters. First off, there should be only ONE type and two as there is presently. Secondly, they need to be changed from 2hr max to 3hr ( point of example take a 1000 cruise and it is 3 hrs long ONE hour passed the parking meters. Third, a smartphone app started like in most major cities like Montreal, Qc has.

  2. Shawn Fitzpatrick says:

    I would like to see something along this lines of design – in Oshawa. I visited my brother and asked him what hotel it was as you couldn’t tell it was a parking garage! Retail on the bottom and parking on top but looks like a hotel

    Shawn Fitzpatrick

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