An Exciting New Tourism Brand for Kingston

An Exciting New Tourism Brand for Kingston

This week City Council was presented with a bold new tourism brand for Kingston. This re-branding plan will help to define how we market Kingston as a top rated tourist destination.

The creation of this new tourism brand is part of a larger effort by the Kingston Accommodation Partners (KAP), Tourism Kingston (KEDCO) and other key stakeholders to bring all local and regional tourism operators together under a single, integrated tourism strategy. It’s all about how we define and showcase Kingston to potential visitors from across the country and around the world.

Personally, I think that the proposed new tourism brand is absolutely fantastic. It’s a celebration of what is unique and special about Kingston. It’s about elevating the everyday experiences of Kingston. It’s about telling our story by using a fresh new perspective to showcase the culture and amenities that already exist. In a word, this new tourism brand is about authenticity – giving visitors a window into what life is really like in Kingston.

Explaining this new tourism brand is pretty difficult to do in words, so here’s a video that was put together by KAP that does a great job of conveying what Kingston’s new tourism brand is all about.

[wpvideo qCbVt14I]

Please note – this video is not a finished product, instead it was created to animate the desired look and feel of the new tourism marketing brand.

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