Celebrating Kingston’s Nobel Laureate


A key part of my ‘smart and livable 21st century city’ vision is to establish Kingston as a global city, to define Kingston as a leader not just in our region, but nationally and internationally. As mayor I am continually amazed and inspired by the individuals and organizations in our community who are recognized for their work not just at a local or provincial scale, but on a global scale.

A perfect example is Queen’s University professor Dr. Art McDonald, winner of the 2015 Nobel prize in physics. To have someone in our community win the most prestigious scientific prize in the world should instill tremendous pride in all Kingstonians. Dr. McDonald’s achievement is an inspiration to all of us, that through hard work and creative thinking we can all have a global impact, both collectively and as individuals.

To celebrate Dr. McDonald’s achievement, I would like to invite all Kingstonians to special public lecture by Dr. McDonald entitled ‘Neutrinos, Nobel and the Nature of the Universe’. The lecture will be held in Memorial Hall in City Hall on Wednesday December 7th at 6:30 p.m. The lecture is free, to register by e-mail at register.neutrinos@queensu.ca or by phone at 613-533-6000 ext. 77623


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