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Council Strategic Priorities

In order to realize our vision of making Kingston a smart and livable 21st century city, Council has developed a new 3 year strategic plan. Our strategic priorities create a proactive framework to make real, positive changes to move our community forward. Through this plan we are going to stimulate job creation, invest in key infrastructure projects like the airport and the Third Crossing, enhance our waterfront and urban forest and address key social needs in our city.

The strategic plan itself is divided into our six key priorities;

  • Create a Smart Economy
  • Invest in Infrastructure
  • Plan a Liveable City
  • Green the City of Kingston
  • Advance a Vibrant Waterfront
  • Foster Open Government

Each priority has a number of specific action items to be completed over the next 3 years. I invite you to click here or on the photo below to go the site, scroll down and see all of the initiatives that we are looking to accomplish. As time goes on there will be more details, information and timelines attached to each of these action items. Using this site you will be able to check in on individual projects over time and monitor our progress over the coming months and years.

screenshot of council priorities site

All of this is to both inform and engage Kingston residents like you in our plans, so that you can provide feedback, ask questions and understand where we are going as a community. Let’s move Kingston forward…together.


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