Seven Reasons Why it’s Time to Build the Third Crossing

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Rendering of the Third Crossing – view at the arch 

At an upcoming special council meeting in June, I will be calling on City Council to approve the construction of the Third Crossing, conditional on a $60 million provincial commitment and a $60 million federal commitment. Here are seven reasons why this is the right decision for our community:

  1. The city’s share of the Third Crossing has already been built into our financial plans – meaning we can build this essential link without an increase in property taxes.

  1. A $60M commitment from both the provincial and federal governments is a fair ask given the billions earmarked for municipal infrastructure.

  1. The Third Crossing will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving traffic flow across our city and reducing the number of idling vehicles.

  1. The Third Crossing is a sustainable alternative to the Causeway, a 100+ year-old bridge that will continue to impact residents with more closures in the future for maintenance and repairs.

  1. The Third Crossing will provide more active transportation options, including a pathway for cyclists and pedestrians, and create a new east-west transit link.

  1. The Third Crossing will connect our community – allowing more efficient traffic flows across the city, reducing travel times and distances for users and non-users.

  1. Without a Third Crossing we will have to spend more money on emergency services to ensure east-end residents have access to the services they need, when they need them.


For more information on the Third Crossing, visit the project page on the City of Kingston website –


2 Responses

  1. Brian Reitzel says:

    Thank you Mayor Patterson for supporting and communicating the need for the benefit of everyone across the City of Kingston.

  2. I am hoping there will be room to develop a TRUE water front for tourists attraction like Brockville has along their canal. The city has blown any chance of that with the building of high rises along Ontario street downtown. Same old same old $ from the same old same old for profit, never mid the best interests of Kingston investors. Whats needed is some vision beyond the end of their noses. Restaurants, cinemas, ETC should line the shore lines for strolls on a hot summers night, not more high rises to hide the water front. But guess what is going to happen, one need only look at the Kingston Penn complex to see the deluge and the same names popping up over and over again.

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