Bike Lanes, Sidewalks & Reduced Traffic Lanes: What’s Your View?

Bike Lanes, Sidewalks & Reduced Traffic Lanes: What’s Your View?

At the May 2nd meeting City Council will be asked to endorse a new plan for the portion of Bath Road that runs from Bayridge Drive west to Collins Bay Road. The plan calls for new bike lanes and sidewalks that will allow residents to safely walk or bike along a section of Bath Road where it is currently difficult to do either. The catch is that in order to make room for the new sidewalks and bike lanes, the width of this section of Bath Road will need to be reduced from 4 lanes to 2. Here is a visual of what this section of Bath Road would look like:

So what do you think? I’m looking to get feedback from residents on this proposal in advance of City Council’s vote, so please take a moment to vote in the poll below.

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11 Responses

  1. Richard Langlais says:

    There is no need to remove traffic lanes along Bath Road. I believe if the existing curbs were pushed back to the property lines in the village of Collins Bay, the city could create a shared space for biking and walking. I don’t believe that there is enough bicycle and pedestrian traffic to warrant doing any more, to this stretch of Bath Road. I commute by vehicle into the city, parking​ well away from downtown and cycle the rest of the way to work. So I’m riding year round to work in Kingston.
    You should ask if any of the consultants cycle on regular basis. I seriously doubt it. I have attended transportation meetings where I was the only one that cycled to the meeting. And when asked no one had used a city bus to get there either. I don’t think they practice what they preach.
    My informal poll, which I have not quantified, has yet to turn up anyone who thinks this is needed or necessary. And for the record I have asked a lot of people!

  2. Catharina Summers says:

    Reducing the number of vehicular lanes seems counter productive as traffic is only increasing in this section of road and not decreasing. Perhaps the city engineers need to put on their thinking caps again, as it would be nice to have both–4 lanes of traffic plus the pedestrian/bike path.

  3. Mrs Valerie Davies says:

    Pllease honour the voters here by acknowledging the overwhelming NO sentiment. Too often these polls are ignored. No to Bath Rd Bike Lanes YES for the 3rd Crossing. Point about buke lanes your Honour – they are expensive to install and often ignored. Very few buke riders ever assume center of LaSalle lift bridge as signs direct them to do. Far too many bike lanes end un dangerous places. Thank you for reading.

  4. Rob Wilkin says:

    Another option would be to widen the existing edges of the pavement similar to what’s on Bayridge Drive. Then to make it ultimately safer for both cyclists and pedestrians lower the speed limit to 50 km./ hour with strict enforcement by the city via police or technology such as photo radar.
    The question is what is Kingston doing here to ultimately make it a more sustainable city? Keeping this section of Bath Road as it is, sends the message that Kingston is not really trying very hard. Think of the visitors that come into Kingston via this route by bicycle and by foot. Do you want them to feel welcomed with a safe passage way or do you prefer to continue risking their lives?

  5. Willy Vestering says:

    This is a great idea. We are loving the new bike lanes Kingston has put in and up graded. Now we both ride our bikes to work. I know more people who would ride if there were more lanes and safer riding. Well done Kingston, shows we are on the right path.

  6. Saima Paidra says:

    Yes I support a dedicated bike lane. I rode the whole waterfront trail and this section was not good.

  7. Caroline Courtenay says:

    Has anyone done a traffic study on Bath Road? End of day traffic backs up daily as it approaches Collins Bay Road. How would reducing the traffic lanes make sense?

  8. Curtis says:

    You have to be out of your mind.
    No one who commutes into and out of the city via Bath Rd. would endorse this. Traffic is bumper to bumper as it is with the 4 current lanes.
    What are plans for the near certain daily fender benders? Where is that traffic to go?
    How many people will be delayed and how much additional pollution and traffic will result to benefit a small number of people for the summer months of the year?
    Where do you plan to divert traffic when Collins Bay Road backs up due to train Traffic?

    Where is my alternative to get from town to the west end – Princess?

    This has to be the most poorly thought out initiative in a long time.

  9. Yes, narrow this section of Bath Rd from 4 lanes to 2 in order to install sidewalks and bike lanes

  10. Bob Story says:

    Support creation of bike lanes but don’t understand why there is not a separate sidewalk for pedestrians. If you have pedestrians and cyclists sharing the same lane you will put pedestrians at risk.

  11. TF says:

    The shoulders on Bath road are wide enough to make a standalone bike path without removing a lane of traffic or encroaching on the street. A bicycle does not need an entire lane, and the potential for added congestion, and therefore greater emissions, negates the benefit of added cycling lanes anyways.

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