Turning Waste into Energy to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

I’ve always been a big proponent of innovation when it comes to tackling climate change. New ideas and technologies can help us reduce our global greenhouse gas emissions in substantial ways. Right now, Utilities Kingston is looking at a really interesting idea. The plan is to use biosolids from our wastewater treatments plants and organic waste from the green bins we put out each week to generate a new, cleaner energy source. By constructing a special processing facility here in Kingston, we can use this organic waste to generate renewable natural gas which means that we won’t need to import as much traditional natural gas from fossil fuels and that reduces our carbon footprint.

Utilities Kingston is looking at the Knox Farm property at the corner of Perth Road and McAdoos Lane as a possible location for this facility. At our Council meeting next week, we’ll be asked to confirm this location and to give a green light to the next stage of the development of the facility. These next steps will involve looking at alternative designs of the facility and doing a detailed assessment to make sure we limit any noise or odour issues that could impact the surrounding area. I for one am very excited about a project that could position Kingston as an environmental leader. We’ll be turning waste into energy while saving money and reducing our carbon footprint.

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