Towards a Green Economy

One of the most exciting areas of innovation I see emerging in our community are the strategies and technologies aimed at creating a green economy. To be a smart and livable city we need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and we are working hard to do just that! The Kingston Climate Action Plan is a community-developed plan to guide efforts to reduce our GHG emissions by 352,500 tonnes by the year 2020 (relative to 2011 levels.)


Kingston Climate Action Plan

In my view the best way to reach this goal is by embracing new technologies and innovative methods that reduce energy costs and emissions at the same time. Looking at energy use in all sectors of our community – residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal and transportation – to find efficiencies is exactly what the Kingston Community Energy Plan aims to do.

Community Energy Plan

Want to learn more and get involved? Check out these green economy initiatives happening in Kingston:

  1. Green Economy Kingston: led by Sustainable Kingston, this is a project to create a network of local businesses and institutions committed to reducing their GHG emissions. This network provides information and strategies for members to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste, supporting businesses to save money and reduce their GHG footprint.
  2. Green Centre Canada: some amazing R&D work happening right here in Kingston! Focused on green chemistry innovations, Green Centre Canada is making industrial production cleaner and more efficient.
  3. SWITCH Green Profit Conference: this annual conference organized by SWITCH Ontario promotes the advantages of renewable energy to local businesses and industries. SWITCH Ontario is right here in Kingston and is helping position our community as a leader in green energy.

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